2991-3025 Hurley Way
Sacramento, CA 95864
Sale Price: Negotiable

Sacramento, CA
+/- 34,234 SF
0.79 Acres
SC- Shopping Center
18 Shovel Ready Lots


The subject property is located along the Northwesterly conrer of Hurley Way and Morse Ave, approximately 2.15 miles North of US 50 and 2.80 miles East of Interstate 80. Between Arden Way to the North, Watt Avenue to the East, Northrop Avenue to the South and Fulton Avenue to the West. The property
is zoned SC- Shopping Center. This is a light commercial zone which allows for retail, professional office space as well as providing for the sale of commodities, or performance of services, including repair facility, offices, grocery stores, apartments, as well as potentially mixed-use type of properties.


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sacramento, California, the Arden Arcade marketplace stands as a testament to growth, prosperity, and stability, making it an ideal destination for savvy investors seeking to capitalize on a thriving economy.
Arden Arcade has experienced remarkable population growth in recent years, transforming it into a dynamic and bustling community. This influx of residents reflects the area’s appeal, not only for its picturesque landscapes and suburban charm but also for the plethora of opportunities it presents. As the population continues to rise, the demand for goods and services is on a steady incline, creating a fertile ground for businesses to flourish.
At the core of Arden Arcade’s allure is its robust employment landscape. The marketplace boasts a diverse range of industries that have found their footing in this fertile ground. From technology and healthcare to finance and retail, businesses have flocked to the area, creating a diverse job market that has contributed to low unemployment rates and ensured a strong foundation for long-term economic stability.
One of the driving factors behind Arden Arcade’s rise as a stable investment hub is the strategic migration of businesses to the region. Companies seeking growth, a favorable business climate, and proximity to a skilled workforce have recognized Arden Arcade’s potential, leading to a migration trend that solidifies its status as a burgeoning economic powerhouse.
The location of Arden Arcade, including its easy access to major freeways, plays a pivotal role in attracting both businesses and residents alike. Situated just minutes away from the 3033 Hurley Way address in Sacramento, this marketplace enjoys unparalleled connectivity. The strategic placement near these arterial roadways not only facilitates the seamless movement of people and goods but also positions businesses within a convenient reach of the broader Sacramento metropolitan area.
Investors looking for stability will find Arden Arcade to be an attractive destination. The confluence of factors—population growth, robust employment opportunities, strategic business migration, and easy access to freeways—creates an environment that fosters resilience and potential. Arden Arcade is not merely a marketplace; it’s a thriving ecosystem that invites forward-thinking investors to partake in its bright future, where stability and growth harmoniously coexist.

Daniel Mueller

Executive Director
916 704 9341
CalDRE# 01829919

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