Tenant Representation
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! This well-known axiom of real estate is critical to your business success. However, also important are traffic counts, customer demographics, ingress and egress and a myriad of other variables and outliers that can and will impact your future business and income stream.

The Mueller team has the experience, the technical skills, and knowledge to guide you through the preliminary site selection process and advise you as to the optimal location for your business and negotiate the best economic package for your new facility. Whether a build to suit, or ground lease, in -line retail, or regional distribution facility; the Mueller team is well versed, and competent in assisting you, our client, in negotiating the maximum tenant improvement allowances as provided by Landlords in a competitive market. Free rent from date of opening, as well as competitive base rents in relationship to the surrounding market. Team Mueller has your back and will achieve a level of service you have yet to experience from a commercial real estate broker. This is our goal, and our promise.