Landlord Representation
When vacancies occur, Time Is Money!

Equally important for an owner seeking to lease vacant space is the tenant’s financial strength, the synergy the new tenant brings to your project, and the tenant’s customer demographics. The Mueller Team is skilled at finding the right tenant for your project. Whether your asset is multi-tenant retail, or a high-rise office building, incubator space, industrial, land lease, or single use special purpose Team Mueller brings the skills, marketing savvy, and relationships to the table to get the job done.

The Mueller Team’s five-point plan for Landlord’s successful leasing program:

  • Thorough market analysis and rental comparison grid identifying all aspects of your property to that of competing projects in the area including base rents, common area maintenance charges, and tenant improvement allowances. Knowledge is power.
  • Customized, efficient and targeted marketing of your rental property through highly skilled data analysis, and web-based platforms. National, regional, and local coverage simultaneously reaching all market segments to locate tenants ideal for your property.
  • Value maximization by evaluating all aspects of your asset’s benefits, and future value enhancement through prudent management, marketing, and value-added skills unique to our firm.
  • Prequalification of all potential tenants so that your valuable time, energy and resources are not diluted on the unqualified, potentially unproductive prospects.
  • Real time communication of all aspects of the lease transaction in accord with your stated goals, and desires.

The Mueller Team builds upon our reputation one successful deal, and one satisfied client at a time. We strive to exceed your expectations, and consider it a privilege to serve you, and earn your trust.