Seller Representation
As a Seller of commercial real estate, you require prescient, timely, and customized marketing for your assets. The Mueller team delivers on their promise to serve you, our client, with our experience, market knowledge, and integrity putting your needs first!

The Mueller Team’s five-point plan for a Seller’s successful marketing:

  • Customized, efficient and targeted marketing of your property through highly skilled data analysis, and web-based platforms.
  • Value maximization by evaluating all aspects of your asset’s benefits, and future value enhancement through prudent management, marketing, and value-added skills unique to our firm.
  • Prequalification of all potential Buyer’s so that your valuable time, energy and resources are not diluted on the unqualified, potentially deleterious prospect.
  • Timely, and professionally managed escrows.
  • Real time communication of all aspects of the transaction in accord with your stated goals, and desires.

The Mueller Team builds upon our reputation one successful deal, and one satisfied client at a time. We strive to exceed your expectations, and consider it a privilege to serve you, and earn your trust.