155 Joiner Pkwy Ste 400
Lincoln, CA 95648

Lease Rate: $2.00 NNN

Lincoln, CA
+/- 1,200 SF


Joiner Parkway Plaza is a seven-tenant shopping center. The property features high quality architecture, monument signage, good fascia signage, a good parking field and excellent visibility to the intersection. All the improvements are well maintained, including the parking lot, lighting and landscape. There is rear door access for all tenants. Multiple fascia heights and induvial tenant signs highlight the retail’s strong identity. There is monument signage, good ingress and egress and the site plan is well laid out to allow for good traffic flow and easy accessibility to retailers. Visibility is excellent to street traffic.
Joiner Parkway Plaza is an “A” quality site located at the focal point intersection of Joiner Pkwy and First Street in Lincoln, CA. Extraordinary growth is propelled by major homebuilders such as Morrison Homes, KB Homes, Centrex and others building hundreds of new, high quality residential units near this site. Joiner Parkways are being completed to connect to Highway 65 and access to the East side of Lincoln. This will allow for Joiner Parkway to serve as a major arterial connecting residential population to the site and substantially increasing traffic flow.


Nestled in the heart of Placer County, California, Lincoln stands as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned investors alike. This vibrant city, with its strategic location, robust economy, and supportive community, offers a fertile ground for business ventures. In this article, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why Lincoln is an excellent place to invest and open a business.
1. Economic Resilience Lincoln’s economy has demonstrated remarkable resilience over the years. Its diverse economic base, including agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and services, provides a sturdy foundation for business ventures. This diversity helps mitigate risks associated with economic fluctuations, ensuring a stable environment for investment.
2. Strategic Location Situated at the crossroads of major transportation arteries, including Interstate 80, Lincoln enjoys easy access to both the Sacramento metropolitan area and the San Francisco Bay Area. This prime location not only facilitates logistics and distribution but also attracts a steady flow of visitors and potential customers.
3. Booming Housing Market The housing market in Lincoln is experiencing steady growth, with an influx of new residents seeking a high quality of life in a thriving community. This demographic trend translates into a growing customer base for businesses, particularly those catering to local needs and preferences.
4. Supportive Business Environment Lincoln boasts a business-friendly environment, characterized by accessible resources, streamlined permitting processes, and proactive support from local authorities. The city is committed to fostering a conducive atmosphere for businesses to flourish, making it an attractive destination for investors.
5. Educated Workforce Lincoln is home to a well-educated and skilled workforce. With access to quality education and training programs, businesses can tap into a pool of talent that is capable of driving innovation and productivity across various industries.
6. Thriving Tourism Industry Lincoln is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including the nearby Sierra Nevada foothills and Folsom Lake. This natural beauty attracts tourists year-round, providing ample opportunities for businesses in the hospitality, recreation, and service sectors to thrive.
7. Strong Community Support The residents of Lincoln take pride in their community and actively support local businesses. This sense of camaraderie fosters customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing, creating a positive environment for new businesses to establish themselves and flourish.
8. Infrastructure Investment Lincoln has made strategic investments in infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and public spaces. This commitment to modernization and improvement enhances the overall business environment, making it more attractive for investors.
Conclusion In the realm of business investment, Lincoln, California, emerges as a shining star in the Golden State. Its robust economy, strategic location, and supportive community provide a fertile ground for entrepreneurs and investors seeking growth and prosperity. By seizing the opportunities that Lincoln presents, businesses can position themselves for success in a city that is on the cusp of even greater achievements. Embrace the potential that Lincoln offers, and watch your business thrive in this dynamic and forward-looking community.

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Executive Director
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