7350 Greenback Lane
Citrus Heights, CA 95621
Lease Rate: $1.75 NNN

Citrus Heights
-/+ 2,800 SF


Nestled in the vibrant city of Sacramento, Citrus Heights stands out as a prime destination for businesses seeking a dynamic and prosperous location. Anchored by retail giants like Ross, Burlington Coats Factory, and Kohl’s. Citrus Heights offers a thriving commercial landscape that provides ample opportunities for growth and success.
In this article, we’ll delve into why relocating your business to Citrus Heights is a strategic move for entrepreneurs and established enterprises alike. The presence of industry giants like Ross, Burlington Coats Factory, and Kohl’s not only draws a significant volume of foot traffic but also solidifies Citrus Heights as a retail hub within Sacramento.
This steady flow of customers presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to tap into a well-established consumer base and benefit from the synergy created by these anchor stores. Situated within Sacramento County.
Citrus Heights enjoys a strategic position with easy access to major transportation arteries. This accessibility enhances both logistical convenience and visibility, providing a distinct advantage for businesses looking to expand their reach within the region.
Citrus Heights boasts a diverse population with a wide range of consumer preferences and needs. This diversity creates a dynamic market environment, allowing businesses to cater to a varied customer base and capitalize on the potential for increased sales and brand recognition. In addition to the anchor stores, Citrus Heights features a robust retail landscape, offering a wide array of shopping options. This concentration of retail establishments further reinforces the city’s appeal as a shopping destination, attracting shoppers from both the local community and neighboring areas.
Citrus Heights is home to a supportive and collaborative business community. Networking opportunities, business associations, and chambers of commerce actively work towards creating an environment conducive to growth and success.
This sense of community fosters partnerships, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing that can be invaluable for businesses looking to thrive. Compared to some of the neighboring areas, Citrus Heights offers a more cost-effective business environment_ Affordable commercial spaces and competitive operating costs can significantly impact a business’s bottom line, allowing for increased profitability and reinvestment.
Citrus Heights offers a high quality of life for residents and business owners alike. With excellent schools, recreational facilities, and a safe community, it provides an attractive environment for employees, potentially improving retention rates and overall productivity.
The economic outlook for Citrus Heights is promising, with ongoing development projects and a steady influx of new residents. This growth potential creates a conducive environment for businesses to not only establish themselves but also expand and thrive in the long term_ Relocating your business to Citrus Heights, Sacramento, is a strategic move that positions you at the heart of a thriving commercial landscape.
Anchored by renowned retailers like Ross, Burlington Coats Factory, and Kohl’s, Citrus Heights offers a unique opportunity to tap into a diverse consumer base and benefit from a supportive business community. Embrace the potential that Citrus Heights offers, and watch your business flourish in this dynamic and forward-looking city.


The subject property is located near the intersection of Greenback and San Juan in Citrus Heights, CA. The center offers a 360-degree draw in the heavily populated Citrus Heights/Orangevale/Fair Oaks area. The Sunrise Mall is located one block to the West. The property is situated in the Sunrise MarketPlace, – a 10-block regional shopping destination including the Sunrise Mall which is anchored by Macy’s, JC Penney, and Sears; and the Birdcage Centre which is anchored by Target, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Michael’s, the center offers high identity retail space and a truly exceptional opportunity for a multitude of retail users.

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