420 Gateway Dr.
Dixon, CA 95620

Dixon, CA
-/+ 7,500 SF


The property sits just off Hwy 80 located approximately 25 miles West of Sacramento and 5 miles West of U.C. Davis, one of the most prestigious research universities in the Country. The building is located directly off the freeway in Dixon, CA and is driving distance to Walnut Creek, Fairfield, and Vacaville. The space offers Freeway visible signage on both building(s) and potentially freeway monument.
The convenient freeway on and off ramps allow easy access to retail customers limiting drive time while maximizing their shopping experience. The subject property offers tremendous glass line, high ceilings, abundant parking 400-600 AMPS of power, roll up doors in each space, zoning allowing for a multitude of uses, and over 1,500 units of vibrant new home building in the area.


Nestled in the heart of Northern California’s fertile Central Valley, Dixon stands as a shining example of a city poised for economic growth and prosperity. Boasting a strategic location along the bustling 50 corridor, Dixon offers an ideal environment for business investment. In this article, we’ll explore why Dixon is an excellent destination for entrepreneurs and investors, and how its access to the 50 corridor amplifies its economic potential.
1. Prime Location along the 50 Corridor Dixon’s strategic location along the 50 corridor is a game-changer for businesses. This vital transportation route stretches from Sacramento, through Dixon, and onwards towards the Sierra Nevada mountains. The corridor’s accessibility to major urban centers and key economic hubs makes Dixon a pivotal point for businesses seeking to tap into regional and statewide markets.
2. Transportation Hub Dixon’s proximity to major highways and interstates, including Interstate 80 and State Route 113, ensures seamless connectivity. This accessibility facilitates efficient movement of goods and services, making it an attractive destination for businesses engaged in logistics, distribution, and manufacturing.
3. Diverse Economic Base Dixon’s economy is well-diversified, with a strong presence in agriculture, manufacturing, and retail. This diversity provides stability and resilience, making it an appealing destination for businesses seeking a well-rounded environment in which to thrive.
4. Agricultural Hub Dixon is situated within the renowned agricultural region of California’s Central Valley. With rich, fertile soil and a temperate climate, the city is an ideal location for businesses related to agriculture, agribusiness, and food processing. The agricultural sector is a cornerstone of Dixon’s economy, providing a steady demand for related services and products.
5. Business-Friendly Environment Dixon is known for its supportive business climate. Local authorities are committed to providing resources, streamlining permitting processes, and offering incentives to encourage business growth and development. This pro-business stance creates an environment where entrepreneurs and investors can thrive.
6. Quality of Life Dixon offers an exceptional quality of life, with a strong sense of community, good schools, and a range of recreational activities. This makes it an attractive location for employees and their families, enhancing the pool of available talent for businesses.
7 Education and Workforce Dixon is in close proximity to esteemed educational institutions and training centers. This ensures a skilled and educated workforce, ready to contribute to the success and growth of businesses in the area.
8. Growth Potential Dixon has experienced steady growth in recent years, a trend expected to continue. As the city expands, so do opportunities for businesses to establish themselves and flourish in a dynamic and evolving market.
Conclusion Dixon, California, is more than just a city; it’s a thriving economic hub with a strategic location that places it at the epicenter of opportunity. Its access to the 50 corridor, coupled with a diverse economic base and a supportive business environment, makes it an exceptional destination for entrepreneurs and investors. By choosing Dixon, businesses position themselves for success in a city that is on the cusp of even greater achievements. Embrace the potential that Dixon offers, and watch your business thrive in this dynamic and forward-looking community.

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