3308-3324 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Sacramento, CA
Sale Price: $1,220,000 – PSF $244.00

Metro – $2,500.00 Per Month
Barber- $1,150.00 Per Month
Clothing – $2,000.00 Per Month
Retail – $2,000.00 Per Month

5,000 +/- Sqaure Feet of Building sitting on approx .33 AC +/-


The Building is located on MLK Blvd in Sacramento, CA. The property is zoned C-1. The immediate area provides a nice mixture of shopping, dinning, housing, and education coupled with conveinent access to Hwy 99 and also 1-5. The building offers a buyer the opportunity to acquire a premier retail investiment with potential upside. This four-unit retail building with lot located in the heart of Sacramento’s thriving Oak Park neighborhood offers high traffic volumes and chance to own this retail opportunity. Consisting of +/-5,000 sqft retail building seated on +/-14,375 sqft of commercially zoned land is being offered at $250.00 per sqft or $1,250,000.


Welcome to Oak Park, Sacramento – a vibrant and diverse neighborhood undergoing a remarkable transformation with an increasing focus on retail development. Boasting a rich history and a tight-knit community, Oak Park is rapidly becoming a prime destination for savvy investors looking to capitalize on the growing commercial opportunities in the area.
1. Thriving Retail Development: Oak Park is experiencing a surge in retail development, making it an ideal location for a commercial strip center. New businesses, boutiques, and restaurants are sprouting up, catering to the diverse tastes of its residents and attracting visitors from neighboring communities. The area’s growth has been carefully planned to preserve its unique character while providing ample opportunities for businesses to flourish.
2. Emerging Market Potential: Oak Park’s strategic location, just a stone’s throw away from the downtown Sacramento core, positions it as a potential economic hub. As the demand for urban living continues to increase, so does the need for convenient retail spaces. Investing in a commercial strip center here presents an excellent opportunity to cater to this emerging market and capitalize on the region’s economic growth.
3. Supportive Community: The residents of Oak Park are passionate about their neighborhood and are committed to its revitalization. With a strong sense of community pride, they actively support local businesses, providing a stable customer base for retailers and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for new ventures. This engaged community is a valuable asset for any business looking to establish itself in the area.
4. Redevelopment Initiatives: The city of Sacramento, in collaboration with local organizations, has implemented various redevelopment initiatives in Oak Park. These efforts have focused on infrastructure improvements, enhancing public spaces, and creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment, all of which contribute to a conducive atmosphere for commercial growth.
5. Cultural and Historical Appeal: Oak Park’s rich history adds to its charm and appeal. The neighborhood has preserved its architectural heritage while embracing contemporary influences. This unique blend of culture attracts a diverse crowd of residents and visitors alike, creating a dynamic marketplace for businesses to thrive.
6. Transportation Connectivity: Oak Park benefits from excellent transportation connectivity. Major roadways and public transit options make it easily accessible to both locals and tourists. This accessibility ensures a steady flow of potential customers to a commercial strip center, contributing to its overall success.
7. Growing Real Estate Demand: As Oak Park continues to grow in popularity, the demand for commercial real estate is rising. Investing in a commercial strip center now presents an opportunity for long-term appreciation and sustainable returns on investment.
8. Supportive Business Climate: The city of Sacramento and local authorities have been actively promoting and supporting small businesses in the area. Various incentive programs and grants are available for entrepreneurs and investors, further solidifying Oak Park’s status as a business-friendly neighborhood.
In conclusion, Oak Park, Sacramento, is experiencing a surge in retail development, making it an attractive location to invest in a commercial strip center. The neighborhood’s emerging market potential, supportive community, redevelopment initiatives, cultural appeal, transportation connectivity, growing real estate demand, and business-friendly climate all contribute to its desirability as a commercial investment destination. By capitalizing on Oak Park’s unique strengths, investors have the opportunity to be part of the neighborhood’s transformation and reap the rewards of a thriving and successful commercial venture

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