Piero Drexler
Hobby: Guitar
Hobby: Chess

Piero Drexler was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Piero has been working in the digital marketing field for a number of years and is very passionate and driven in his craft. He specializes in specific areas such as design, advertising, web page creation, and brochure creation. Piero is one of the newest members to join the Mueller Team and brings a creative eye to the table. His ability to utilize cutting edge technology coupled with his insatiable appetite to get better at his craft and his ability to create amazing work in a short period of time makes him a valuable member to the team. Piero is constantly working towards improving the Mueller brand finding new ways to improve the Mueller Teams marketing platform whether it be the latest technology and trends, finding a new and creative way to improve the current marketing, or just produce tremendous work Piero provides the tools necessary to bring the marketing to the next level. In Piero’s spare time he likes to play guitar and the bass. Piero is also an avid chess player, basketball fanatic, and volleyball enthusiast.