Lau Tinoco
Senior Marketing Director
Hobby: Jogging
Hobby: Tennis

Lau grew up in Mexico City where she graduated from The Prestigious National Fine Arts Institite School of Design. Lau has been practicing design and creativity for over nine years including, graphic, corporate identity, editorial, outdoor and indoor BTL, and web design are her specialties and areas of expertise including two years as a Digital Strategy Developer and UX Designer. Lau decided to become an entrepreneur after finishing college and she is always looking for new projects to work on and hone her craft. Lau can conceptualize and develop projects from information compilation, interpretation and analysis, to develop the ideas and make them a reality. Lau has experienced tremendous growth as a premier creative web designer with countless projects under her belt. Lau brings a tremendous amount of experience to the Mueller Commercial Team her attention to detail, ability to produce top notch quality product in a short amount of time gives Lau the edge over the competion. Lau has been with the Mueller Team for a multitude of years and has established herself as one of the key members on this team. When she’s not hard at work in the office, Lau enjoys playing tennis, and jogging. Lau currently resides in Mexico City with her husband and their dog.