Janice Kimsey
Hobby: Paddle Boarding
Hobby: Ziplining

Janice Kimsey was born and raised in Vacaville and moved to the Sacramento Valley to complete her schooling. Janice earned a degree in Social and Behavioral Science at Folsom Lake College. Here she was able to obtain crucial knowledge of how to interact with people and also how to build professional relationships in and out of the workplace. In her spare time Janice volunteers at local schools, food closets and shelters. This gives her the ability to help people, young and old become happier healthier people while providing a great service to the community which she is so proud to call her home. She enjoys paddleboarding along the American River, and ziplining, especially if crossing suspension bridges and rappelling are part of the course. Entering the workforce Janice applied her passion for helping others and skills to quickly move into management for the State of California in Human Resources. After retiring, Janice studied Real Estate and joined Century 21 Select Real Estate, Inc. to pursue a new area of work. Janice met Dan and the rest of the team and quickly found Commercial to be more up her alley. Janice applies her experience and skillset by providing excellent customer service, effective problem-solving skills, with detail-oriented review and analysis. The experience gained as a Mueller Commercial team member has broadened Janice’s Commercial Real Estate knowledge, so she can provide the support needed to ensure smooth transactions.

Contact Janice
Office: 916 934 8759
1555 River Park Drive, Suite 109
Sacramento, CA 95815
# 02138720