Ed Nolasco
Hobby: Swimming
Hobby: Basketball

Ed Nolasco has been conducting real estate transactions since 2019 in the Greater Sacramento Region. His focus has primarily been retail tenant representation and market analysis for 1031 Exchange Buyers. Most recently Ed Nolasco has worked on placing regional retail users such as Cafe 86 and other brands and franchises in the greater Sacramento region. His multilingual skills give him an edge when dealing with a broad spectrum of commercial users. Ed. Nolasco was born in Oaxaca Mexico which gives him a unique cultural perspective when approaching deals. He is a key member of the Mueller Group as his strong work ethic and intuitive business sense allows him to actively attend to his clients real time needs.

Ed is an avid swimmer and Basketball player and he enjoys taking Nature along the American River Trail.

Whether you are looking to lease or just want to know more about the marketplace Ed Nolasco is happy to share his expertise and insight with you.

Contact Ed
Office: 916 501 3944
1555 River Park Drive, Suite 109
Sacramento, CA 95815
# 02090320