Sunny Lu
Hobby: Theater
Hobby: Films

Sunny Lu was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, a small paradise City located in Mexico. Since Sunny Lu can recall she has loved the art of film and theatre of all kinds of genres. Sunny Lu finds herself engulfed in this hobby on a consistent basis studying film and theatre. Watching classical performances from some of her favorite actors and actresses gives her great motivation in her role as a graphic designer for the Mueller Team. Sunny Lu made the decision to stay in Puerto Vallarta and study film studies at the University Of Guadalajara. Here she finished her studies in the area of Multimedia Communications in 2017. Since then she has developed a passion for digital marketing, content development, video, photo and graphics creation. Sunny Lu joined the Mueller Team in 2020 and has become a vital roll for the team. Sunny Lu has quickly become one of the top marketing producers for the Team. Sunny Lu is fast, technical, and does not hesitate to make executive decisions when perfecting the marketing if she feels it will benefit the brand. Sunny Lu thinks outside of the prototypical box so to speak and is constantly evolving on a day-to-day basis. In addition to film, and graphic design Sunny Lu enjoys spending time with friends and family, she enjoys exploring different parks and restaurants in her hometown and continues her studying on the weekends in her field always attempting to perfect her craft as a graphic design professional.