Cameron Freelove
Hobby: Scuba Diving
Hobby: Skiing

Cameron graduated from CSU Sacramento in 2016 with a degree in Geography and found employment at a personal injury attorney’s office. Earning a degree in Geography and obtaining negotiation experience provides his client’s a unique perspective in any real estate transaction.

He is competitive by nature with a love for basketball, SCUBA diving, and skiing. Born and raised in Sacramento, he has volunteered with the American River Clean up annually for the past several years.

Mr. Freelove takes pride in his problem-solving strategies, customer service skills, and ability to research and analyze. Cameron prefers to meet people in person and discuss how business can be generated to help transform a community. Cameron is on the Mueller Commercial Team which has over a decade of experience in filling a vacancy, finding a suitable location for any business, or finding promising land to develop. The Sacramento and Elk Grove communities are continually increasing in population density and opportunity.

Contact Cameron with any questions so an idea can become an asset. I am hungry for more success so let’s get to work!

Contact Cameron
Office: 916 613 3899
1555 River Park Drive, Suite 109
Sacramento, CA 95815
# 02092307